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Microsoft has announced three AI Customer Commitments to promote responsible AI usage

1. Sharing Expertise: Microsoft will share its knowledge and expertise in developing and deploying AI responsibly. They have been on a responsible AI journey since 2017, publishing key documents related to responsible AI, including their Responsible AI Standard, AI Impact Assessment Template, AI Impact Assessment Guide, Transparency Notes, and implementation primers.

2. AI Assurance Program: Microsoft is creating an AI Assurance Program to help ensure that applications deployed on their platforms meet legal and regulatory requirements for responsible AI. This program includes regulator engagement, support, risk framework implementation and regulatory advocacy. The "KY3C" approach, analogous to "know your customer" in the financial industry, will be applied to AI.

3. Support for AI Implementation: Microsoft will support organizations in implementing their own responsible AI systems. They will establish a team of AI legal and regulatory experts in various regions and create responsible AI programs for their partner ecosystem.

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