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Sustainable Digitalisation Project (SDP) Adopts Not-for-Profit Status and Unveils an Eminent Board

In a momentous decision, the Sustainable Digitalisation Project (SDP) has officially formed a not-for-profit organization. This transformative step underscores SDP's commitment to making digitalisation in the built environment responsible, ethical and sustainable. Simultaneously, SDP has introduced a distinguished board of directors to steer its philanthropic and strategic initiatives.

Chaired by Sheridan Ware (former Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Charter Hall). She is a prominent figure in the property and funds management sector in Australia, assumes the role of Chairman of the newly established board. She is supported on the board by Jon Collinge (Executive Director at Morrison), our very own Liam Murray (CEO of Build-Apps) and Karl Mahoney (Managing Director of Carrier HVAC).

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