Case Studies 

PIPP.AI has been deployed on some of the largest and most influential portfolio's across the globe




Dexus has made the ADAMM & Co.© suite operational within their Microsoft 365 environment to chart a route to Zero Carbon by 2030 for the entire office portfolio of 2,556,912 Sqm of NLA. With their portfolio analytics unlocked by the Build-Apps Asset Database for Audits and Monitoring Management  (ADAMM), Dexus  is able to optimize the performance of their buildings based on real-time data and make decisions based on the real asset management, audit and maintenance data, rather than siloed data.  Dexus were so impressed with the ADAMM & Co.© that in addition are continuing with ongoing support  and have  commissioned Build-Apps to create a vertical transport monitoring App which is now know as VERAA.


Lend Lease.png

Lendlease has incorporated ADAMM & Co. © for the purpose of integrated asset management data as a pathway to sustainability improvement. Using the forecasting capabilities of ADAMM & Co.©, Lendlease has developed a recommended 1,599 energy saving recommendations for a forecast saving of more than 24 million kgs of CO2 emissions. Lendlease’s commitment to the ADAMM & Co.© platform has led to ongoing collaboration with Lendlease’s internal IT team to see what other business productivity application across the business can benefit from structure of the CDS. 



Stockland has installed ADAMM & Co.© as the basis of creating the single source of truth for their $6.31 billion retail portfolio. The asset and condition audit is scheduled every-3 years for this portfolio and all of the data for all of the assets are stored in ADAMM & Co.© The analytics integrated with the app suite provide a holistic overview of the asset condition audit to inform capital expenditure decisions, as well as micro level analysis to manage and maintain.



Salta Properties have integrated ADAMM & Co.© as a State of the Art Technology to underpin their sustainability strategy for continuous improvement on optimal building performance of all of the buildings in their portfolio. ADAMM enables the streamlining and centralization of assets operational information from across the portfolio and provides an innovative solution to the data ownership issues previously experienced. Whilst the intention was predominantly for sustainability improvement, there has been additional economic benefits associated with having access to real data for asset management. Following this initial project Salta have committed to a 5 year plan.



Build-Apps© was commissioned to build the GBCA rating tool - Greenstar. The tool assesses the sustainability attributes through impact categories by delivering a new definition of sustainable building, meeting the Paris agreement guidelines, responding to sustainability megatrends and delivering opportunities for supply chain transformation. The Greenstar solution was fully built as a power app by Build-Apps©, including the development of the Movement & Place, Energy Use, Water Use, Lifecycle Impacts and Carbon Emissions calculators. Greenstar is fully capable of integration with our ESG app, SERGII and will drive the net zero emissions plan over the next decade.