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Materials, Embodied Carbon and LCA

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Almost every governing body associated with the built environment is undertaking work into materials, as the market awakens to the impact made at the procurement stage. Are you exploring impacts of the materials used in your portfolio? We have seen embodied carbon and scope 3 emissions and A2+ LCA move to the top of the ESG watch list, this is being fuelled by investors and tenants demanding to look beyond just operational energy.

PERCIEE is a good friend to Green Building Council of Australia and Infrastructure Sustainability Council as he proudly underpins both governing bodies latest digital developments in the product and materials space.

Our belief is tying specific products to the plethora data across #Risk #Compliance #InvestorRelations #AssetManagement #FacilitiesManagement #Approvals #ESG #Sustainability #Marketing #Leasing means the CRE industry can responsibly create change by providing much needed structured and tangible feedback to the manufacturing industry. This is becoming more critical as we see an ever increasing amount of #GreenWash creep into our industry.


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