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CRE Portfolio SNAPQUIZ.....

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

1. What's my WALE by tenant typology look like?

2. How much end of life exposure do I have for $100k+ equipment/assets?

3. Has the rate of quiries by investors or new tenants changed since interest rates spiralled?

4. How many open compliance or maintenance risks do I have that might need unforcast expenditure?

5. To meet ESG goals do I know how many equipment/assets consume natural gas?

6. What's your average time taken for capEx approval /authority of approval process?

7. What percentage of O&Ms do you have in an indexed digital format?

8. If someone died of Legionnaire disease in one of your properties could you defend a tenant compensation claim?

9. How many market ready digital images do you have of your highest value property right now?

10. Can I see a single real-time dashboard combining utility metering from every building?

All the answers are oneclick away with our clients using Build-Apps | PIPP.AI

We believe every departments data must be linked to get the best insights.

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