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Meet ADAMM: The Father of Build-Apps

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

ADAMM helps property professionals manage assets, audits and maintenance monitoring.

ADAMM is the father of the Build-Apps suite of Apps, he holds the core data on your portfolio for which the wider ecosystems is able to utilise.

ADAMM create a CDS (Common Data Service) or as we call it the single source of truth to property portfolio owners and occupiers to build structured data about your assets to enable Capex and Opex forecasting.

ADAMM is essential for assisting property professionals manage assets, audits and maintenance monitoring to optimize performance, and develop strategic improvement plans based on real data. ADAMM has been created as a Microsoft 365 Power App and can be accessed securely allowing review and edit function on any device with a internet connection. ADAMM is used to optimise asset performance, track maintenance contractor performance, develop strategic improvement plans based on performance and benchmark and log and share portfolio-wide asset history of real performance. 

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