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Meet OBIEE: Determine the quality of your office

OBIEE creates a comprehensive property investment database allowing analytics of potential investments, collating data across industry to determine the quality of the office space.

​OBIEE has been created as a Microsoft 365 App and can be accessed securely allowing review and edit function on any device with a internet connection.

OBIEE is a SharePoint based web App designed to assist developers analyse the office market based on collating sources such as the Guide to Office Building Quality by the Property Council of Australia (PCA) to determine whether a building is Premium, A Grade, B Grade, C Grade or D Grade.

OBIE can be fully customised to suit client requirements and preferences, the app also has capability to allow requested information from other data sets. 

This includes the user interface and appearance when viewing the database as well as the input fields. This allows OBIE to effectively provide the most accurate and useful information for the client. 

This tool will also help create a checklist for potential tenants to understand their real requirements opposed to requesting a specific PCA grade. 

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