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Build-Apps: Trusted by the big names in Real Estate

Salta, Lendlease, Stockland and Dexus all trust Build-Apps

The Build-Apps suite of apps, ADAMM & Co. are currently being utilised by several large property portfolio owners in Australia. ADAMM & Co. create a single source of truth, enabling property owners to own and manage their own portfolio data.

Lendlease has incorporated ADAMM & Co. for the purpose of integrated asset management data as a pathway to sustainability improvement. Using the forecasting capabilities of ADAMM & Co., Lendlease has developed a recommended 1,599 energy saving recommendations for a forecast saving of more than 24 million kgs of CO2 emissions.

Stockland has installed ADAMM & Co. as the basis of creating the single source of truth for their $6.31 billion retail portfolio. The asset and condition audit is scheduled every-3 years for this portfolio and all of the data for all of the assets are stored in ADAMM & Co.

Salta Properties have integrated ADAMM & Co. as a State of the Art Technology to underpin their sustainability strategy for continuous improvement on optimal building performance of all of the buildings in their portfolio.

ADAMM enables the streamlining and centralisation of assets operational information from across the portfolio and provides an innovative solution to the data ownership issues previously experienced.

Dexus has made the ADAMM & Co. suite operational within their Microsoft 365 environment to chart a route to Zero Carbon by 2030 for the entire office portfolio. With their portfolio analytics unlocked by the Build-Apps Asset Database for Audits and Monitoring Management (ADAMM), Dexus is able to optimize the performance of their buildings based on real-time data and make decisions based on the real asset management, audit and maintenance data, rather than siloed data.

Think Build-Apps could work for your business? visit our website to find out more.

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