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Most organizations still rely on spreadsheets or have dispersed their data into SaaS silos. In the world of AI and automation, they must regain ownership, control and governance of their data.

With your data and our apps, we can

Turn Data into Wisdom.

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The ultimate enterprise data-driven commercial real estate 

Fast track a Knowledge and Independent Information Layer by unlocking your "Dataverse"

Build-Apps created PIPP.AI with a purpose to enable commercial real estate owners and occupiers to improve portfolio performance by unlocking and surfacing the insights hidden in their data.

We do this by connecting disparate data sources in their "Dataverse" and then surfacing
only the insights that matter - on any device, anywhere, 24/7. is able to integrate with existing tools, structuring all information in a common data model to deliver meaningful actionable insights, from a worm eye view at property level to drive operational efficiency, to a birds eye view across operations and strategy to improve portfolio returns.


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Discover Our Apps by Department

Sustainability & ESG

Streamline ESG reporting across multiple properties by having all key metrics at your fingertips.

Implement environmental, sustainable governance practices with ease.


Assets & Project Management

Rein in all key asset and project data into a central command centre.

Augment the value of your database by applying AI insights and automation to your enterprise processes and workflows.

Maintenance & Facilities

Seamlessly automate facilities management and maintenance tracking tasks.

Set up protocols, store documentation securely and eliminate the risk of data loss over time.

Risk & Compliance 

Proactively mitigate risks and compliance issues.

AI and automation solutions catered for security and compliance can monitor and scan for weaknesses in your buildings and digital systems.

Tenants & Marketing

Leverage your existing database of tenant and marketing details to yield novel insights on how your property is being listed and tenanted.

Supercharge these workflows utilising AI and automation to give you timely alerts and status updates.

Investments & Approvals

Document high-level decisions of when to buy, sell and develop property while also controlling approvals and visibility.

Our process provide an executive lens and framework from feasibility through to delivery.

About Data Democracy

Data Democracy

Data democracy, with aligns with the United Nations 2030 agenda is a core tenet of Build-Apps.

This can be achieved by using a centralised, comprehensive information set or 'common data model' where all stakeholders can easily and securely access the same data.  

UN Data Democracy
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Sustainability & ESG

Our ESG reporting tools have been developed in collaboration with government partners, enabling enterprises to achieve key metrics for a truly sustainable property portfolio. Not only do we have ESG criteria expertise from years of industry experience, we also employ AI integrations to track key metrics to provide automated status notifications and insights necessary for peak portfolio performance.

Our tools streamline ESG reporting with high accuracy with our patented process involving automatic mapping of UNSDGs across the CDM. This is augmented with real-time AI insights into building performance across property portfolios and our enterprise-tested database structure and information architecture.
Sustainability & ESG
ESG and Sustainability
SERGII Power BI Dashboard
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Social, Environmental, Resilience, Governance Indices Improver

SERGII maintains data on how your business is tracking in terms of sustainability and takes care of all data relating to the social, environmental, resilience and governance (ESG) aspects.

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Real-time Enterprise Metering with Integrated Intelligence

REMII enables real-time analysis of energy use per building across the entire property portfolio to develop and implement strategies to achieve sustainability targets.

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Product Evaluator for Resource, Costs, Impacts and Embodied Emissions

PERCIEE looks at the whole life cycle of the products which go into buildings. He can roll-up product and materials information in both new and existing buildings through a deep link with ADAMM’s asset registers.

Augment your business with UNSDG initiatives