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Property Information Power Platform  

Sadly many CRE Owners and Occupiers still run spreadsheets or have dispersed their data into multiple SaaS silos. 

In the World of AI you need to regain ownership, control and governance of your ever-growing property Data to turn it into Information and create Knowledge 

Your M365 Tenant, Your Data, Your Information, Your Knowledge

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Fast-track your single Dataverse (Global Unified Independent Data Layer) for;

Sustainability & ESG | Assets & Project Management | Maintenance & Facilities |
Risk & Compliance | Leasing & Marketing | Approvals & Investments

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The ultimate data-driven commercial real estate Independent Data Platform.

Owned, Controlled and Governed by portfolio owners in their own Microsoft 365 environment.

Fastrack a Knowledge and Independent Information Layer by unlocking your "Dataverse"

Build-Apps created PIPP.AI with a purpose to enable commercial real estate owners and occupiers to improve portfolio performance by unlocking and surfacing the insights hidden in their data.

We do this by connecting disparate data sources in their "Dataverse" and then surfacing only the insights that matter - on any device, anywhere, 24/7.


“Dataverse empowers organizations to work with any type of data and any type of app, and use the data within it to gain insights and drive business action.”


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Sustainability & ESG

Our patented process enables UNSDG’s to be automatically mapped across the CDM creating streamlining of ESG reporting. Key metrics for truly green portfolio are achieved.

Assets & Project Management

Generating greater information flow and stronger operational use for CRE portfolio owners who will see recognizable changes in performance optimization. Digital Twin, IOT based commissioning and AI based deep integrations.

Maintenance & Facilities

Having the detail of maintenance contract indexed with the CDM gives the ability of the team to provide KPI tracking, and maintenance outcomes are significantly enhanced.

Risk & Compliance 

Assist, monitor and mitigate risks across your CRE property portfolio through the seamless implementation of a proactive risk management framework that profiles your risks into a single platform.

Leasing & Marketing

Being able to interconnect your marketing and sales campaigns with the common data model rapidly increases the efficiency of collateral delivery. Keeping a database of critical fact to answer quires and questions.

Approvals & Investments

Managing the big picture of when buy, sell and develop property needs visibility of a full data stack. Our process provide an executive lens and framework from feasibility through to delivery.

Learn about Data Democracy

Data Democracy

In line with the UN guidance note for achievement of the 2030 agenda, Build-Apps strongly believe in the creation of Data Democracy. This concept means a large information set or 'common data model' in which all the various stakeholders can easily and securely access the same data.  

UN Data Democracy
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Sustainability & ESG

Our patented process enables UNSDG’s to be automatically mapped across the CDM creating streamlining of ESG reporting. Key metrics for truly green portfolio are achieved.
Gain real-time building performance insights across your CRE property portfolio ESG's unparalleled business intelligence and reporting tools with live data. 
Sustianbility and ESG
ESG and Sustainability
SERGII Power BI Dashboard

Want to ensure all your ESG data for GRESB and DJSII reporting is accurate and you are not being perceived as greenwashing?

Just ask SERGII

Want to create a pathway for your portfolio to reach net zero and help keep global warming under 2 degrees Celsius?

Just ask SERGII

Want to get more value out of the ESG ratings you undertake and want to significantly reduce the burden of reporting?

Just ask SERGII

Want to effortlessly review your embodied carbon and stocktake on your assets across your portfolio?

Just ask PERCIEE

Need a single home for the ever growing metering data across your portfolio from IOT to BMS?

Just Ask REMII

Want to digest metering data in the context of the asset and tenancy it serves to enable insights for efficiency gains?

Just Ask REMII

Want to be able set warning and alarms in near real time across the entire portfolio to help curtail max demand issues?

Just Ask REMII

Want to create library of data on products you have in abundance across your portfolio and explore green alternatives?

Just ask PERCIEE

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Social, Environmental, Resilience, Governance Indices Improver

SERGII maintains data on how your business is tracking in terms of sustainability and takes care of all data relating to the social, environmental, resilience and governance (ESG) aspects.

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Real-time Enterprise Metering with Integrated Intelligence

REMII enables real-time analysis of energy use per building across the entire property portfolio to develop and implement strategies to achieve sustainability targets.

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Product Evaluator for Resource, Costs, Impacts and Embodied Emissions

PERCIEE looks at the whole life cycle of the products which go into buildings. He can roll-up product and materials information in both new and existing buildings through a deep link with ADAMM’s asset registers.

The rest of the family will also contribute on your UNSDG efforts