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12WDT -
12 Week Digital

The 12WDT has been developed to respond to concerns that we frequently hear expressed around the adoption of new technology and the impact on internal resources required for transfer / ingestion of data into a new platform.


A lot of our clients express concerns and recognize the issues they have with data consistency across the numerous and often discrete property management tools, reports and inevitable spreadsheets that are in place. They also are naturally concerned that they do not have the resources to unravel this and collate it into yet another tool.


We believe that our USP is that Build-Apps, Property Information Platform (  fills the gaps and even replaces the Data captured and held across multiple platform solutions. is able to integrate with existing tools, structuring all information in a common data model to deliver meaningful actionable insights, from a worm eye view at property level to drive operational efficiency, to a birds eye view across operations and strategy to improve portfolio returns.


For many, the insights can be understanding how readily the data they already have available can be ingested into to allow immediate use. Where we can, and do, link these data sources, we can often identify anomalies between tools and begin to unearth contradictions in where the source of truth lies. For others, it’s about identifying where some of the big holes might be in their property information and how to prioritize and implement strategies to collect or correct key data  in order to unearth and deliver prioritised outcomes. As part of the collaborative audit and data review, we work with you and your service providers, to arm you with insights that we believe will help your teams to understand where and how to commence the transformation from collection of data (avoiding data obesity) to smart utilisation of key information.


Our goal is to demonstrate the benefits of understanding your current data opportunities and the value of streamlining and sharing information across a Property Information Platform. Hopefully, as part of this journey, we can also reinforce our other USP that is the very real value of owning and holding your data in your own Property Platform, no matter where it is drawn from. This is what we refer to as data democracy.


The 12 Week Data Challenge


Build- Apps, 12-Week Digital Transformation program is aimed at helping commercial real estate owners and managers to get data-fit to catalyse their digital transformation and to gain deeper insights to enhance portfolio performance.


Like any short sharp program, or a rapid get fit program, the level of success is dependent on the extent of commitment. To obtain the best outcomes, we do need your teams support to help us unearth what you have and where it is. So, we ask for a senior manager to Champion and drive support from internal stakeholders and in particular to drive access and participation from your property managers and other service providers so that we can collaborate with them to understand and where appropriate, obtain access to your current property information streams.   


To this end, our initial meeting relies on having already identified a data transformation champion for Marquette, and colleagues or service providers who will be engaged and participate in weekly and monthly catch ups to progress exploration of data and property information and where possible to provide this in formats that we are able to ingest onto our platform. We will set up a hosted site that holds our applications and the data we collect. The hosted site will be secured with access only available for Build-Apps and your approved Marquette team members during the program. We will act under an NDA and all data will be provided to you in a spreadsheet / hard copy format and removed from the data site at the end of the program if you choose not to progress to take up the Application Software Proposal, that we have previously presented to you.


The 12WDT provides:

  • a secure and contained ‘playground’ for a cross-functional team to add their data, and surface deeper insights that can inform strategies, identify net zero pathways, optimize capex and opex; and mitigate compliance risk. All with real, live property data.

  • your property management team with a flexible reporting suite with additional insights to improve portfolio performance

  • your maintenance team with visibility of contracts and contractor KPIs

  • your team with an understanding of the status and gaps to expedite preparations for Greenstar or GRESB and the relative position to implement Energy and emissions tracking and improvement plans etc.

  • your IT team with a practical demonstration of how best to ingest, consolidate and organize your property data in Microsoft’s Dataverse, and by extension provide visibility of its proximity to create an Azure Synapse Datalake / Onelake  & Fabric


The good, the bad, the ugly.

  • We partner with your team to collaboratively explore your existing property and buildings data sources and sets. This may include asset registers, property management reports, access to utility bills and consumption data including metering data supplier historic half hour data, TDD reports, NABERS and BEEC certificates, tenant profiles, maintenance reports and surveys and leasing data etc. A comprehensive list will be used to form the information audits and to help your team to identify where valuable data may be missing

  • Through a series of workshops and data weigh-ins, we will identify the good, the bad (missing) and ugly (conflicting) data sources

  • At the end of the 12-weeks, you will have a  roadmap of what needs to be done with your data to fast track your digital transformation strategy.


Over the 12 weeks, we aim only to cover our costs for time, for which we significantly reduce our charges to provide a single fixed cost. As I am sure you will appreciate, we have no idea of how much or how little information you may possess or the accuracy or format. The extent to which we can build our Property Information Platform therefore depends wholly on what we can unearth and the collaboration we receive. However, this is not an exercise to ramp up fees or extend our agreement on hourly rates and we will report honestly at the data weigh ins so that your team understand our progress as we work through, and demonstrate our goodwill in the collaboration process

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