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Legionella and Associated Risk Analysis Assessor

LARAA evaluates baseline risk profiles of Legionella according to a building’s type, features and use patterns. It provides analysis of risk elimination measures including specific instructions and budgets.


LARAA is a cloud-based tool for assessment of Legionella associated risks in buildings such as shopping centres, hotels, apartment buildings, educational institutions, and hospitals. LARAA has been developed to help you manage Legionella risks in your building and ensure the safety of your staff, customers, visitors and neighbours.


Commonly, building water systems have the potential to become colonized by Legionella bacteria, which can be diffused through mist, such as from air-conditioning systems, leading to the risk of an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease among people working, living or visiting in the building and the surrounding areas.


LARAA will evaluate your building’s baseline risk profile according to the building type and features, use type and patterns, occupant demographics, and the types of water systems present.  A thorough review of building plans and other information, along with an on-site inspection of water systems, will identify specific sources of potential risk.  Compiled in LARAA, a 365 Microsoft Power App, this data will be used to assess each possible Legionella risk and recommend control measures, including remedial works and ongoing maintenance programs. Along with an extensive set of photos and notes on each water-associated asset inspected, LARAA will allow you to view a breakdown of the extent and causes of risk, and specific instructions, including budget estimates, for eliminating or minimizing each risk.

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