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Building Analytics Real-time Recording and Interoperability Exchange Examiner

BARRIEE is the keeper of the Digital Twin, he monitors BMCS and BIM information, delivering easy-to-understand information on a variety of protocols giving mapping and data transparency. Many say BARRIEE is a multi-lingual genius who is able to create a roadmap to panacea.

BARRIEE is a an Independent BMS and BIM inspector who integrates with building automation/management systems and Building information models to increase interoperability of building asset annotation.

  • All information can travel both ways between cogs but if one changes, they all change

  • Client Controls security permissions if contractors aren't performing, they cannot charge an “Exit Ransom”

  • On setup client can independently verify config is complete

  • Client is real-time auditing the Data using in-built app analytics

If the following words means nothing to you then you need to meet BARRIEE he can interpret and push info between all these formats.

  • BrickSchema

  • Project Haystack

  • IFC


  • BOT


  • BACnet

  • ASHRAE Standard 223P

Designation and Classification of Semantic Tags for Building Data provides a dictionary of semantic tags for descriptive tagging of building data including building automation and control data along with associated systems.

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